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Abducted Benue Commissioner Released; Governor Warns Criminals


Makurdi, Benue State – Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia has confirmed the safe release of his Commissioner for Information, Culture, and Tourism, Mathew Abo, who had been abducted by unknown gunmen. Governor Alia made this announcement in a statement released on Thursday through his Chief Press Secretary, Sir Tersoo Kula.

Governor Alia emphatically stated that no ransom or monetary exchanges were involved in securing the safe release of Commissioner Abo, dispelling any speculations to the contrary.

“We can confirm that the Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Matthew Abo, has regained freedom. He has since reunited with his family in Sankera, Ukum Local Government Area where he was abducted.

“His release was as a result of intense pressure on the criminals from the gallant security operatives who were acting on the directives of Gov. Hyacinth Alia, who had earlier given marching orders to them to ensure Mr. Abo’s release,” he said.

Mr. Abo had spent a harrowing 10 days in captivity before regaining his freedom.

Benue Commissioner for Information, Culture, and Tourism, Mathew Abo

The governor also revealed a disturbing twist in the story, indicating that the kidnappers were still holding Washima Erukaa, the former Chairman of Ukum Local Government Area, and his cousin. They had gone to negotiate for the release of Erukaa but were themselves kidnapped at a different location and date.

Alia, in a stern warning to criminal elements within the state, insisted that they would not be tolerated in any form and called on them to leave for good. He commended the security operatives for their efforts in ensuring the safe release of Commissioner Abo and charged them to continue their mission to secure the remaining captives.

Benue State Information Commissioner Abducted

Furthermore, the governor urged the security operatives to be relentless in pursuing criminals, ensuring that they have no room to operate within Benue State. He expressed gratitude for the swift and successful operation that led to the commissioner’s release and called for a similar outcome for the remaining hostages.

The abduction of Commissioner Mathew Abo occurred on September 24, when gunmen arrived at his residence on four motorcycles at approximately 8:00 p.m. The assailants ordered everyone in the house, including the commissioner’s wife and children, to lie face down and subsequently took him away to an undisclosed location on one of the motorcycles.

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