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“Tinubu’s Oct. 1 Speech Insipid, Empty” – Atiku Criticizes President


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar criticized President Bola Tinubu’s Independence Day broadcast, describing it as lacking in substance, devoid of inspiration, and hollow. This was in a statement released by his Special Assistant on Public Communication, Phrank Shaibu.

Atiku further remarked that Tinubu‘s assurance of a brighter future for Nigerians has instead resulted in disillusionment. He pointed out that Tinubu’s inability to raise the minimum wage, alongside the devaluation of the naira and the removal of petrol subsidies, has led to inflation exceeding 25 percent.

“Many workers were hopeful that minimum wage would be announced today. However, what Tinubu decided to do was to add an allowance of N25,000 ($25) to the lowest-paid workers for six months only.

“This is a man who is not in sync with the current realities that the people are living in,” he said.

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the previous presidential election, Atiku asserted that Tinubu contended he refrained from raising the minimum wage to prevent further inflation. However, Atiku questioned Tinubu’s commitment to addressing inflation, emphasizing that if Tinubu genuinely prioritized curbing inflation,

“he ought to have planned properly before removing the petrol subsidy and forced the Central Bank to embark on a failed exchange rate unification policy which has not been backed by a corresponding boost in exports.

“In effect, Tinubu put the cart before the horse, and now that the horse has trampled on the cart, he is making excuses for his own incompetence. This is shameful.”

He argued that the organized labor’s strike served as proof that Tinubu had not succeeded in inclusively representing the typical Nigerian citizen.

“He told the organised labour and Nigerians at large to be patient. While they gave him the benefit of the doubt and delayed a bit, he decided to proceed to court to obtain a court order barring them from going on strike. This has become the stock in trade of the APC.

“However, now that Nigerians are drowning from Tinubu’s ill-conceived policies, the organised labour and even the majority of Nigerians are threatening to disobey the court order.

“This is the sort of chaos that Tinubu’s illegitimate administration is about to push Nigerians into.

“Rather than negotiate with labour in an honest manner, Tinubu has been sponsoring crisis in affiliate unions of the NLC like the NURTW where his minion, MC Oluomo, and others are constantly attacking the NLC. Tinubu should be reminded of the fact that money cannot buy everything.”

He characterized Tinubu’s commitment to providing assistance to the most impoverished as yet another deceptive tactic aimed at deceiving vulnerable and earnest Nigerians.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of FRN

Atiku advised Tinubu that eliminating the petrol subsidy should not be seen as an accomplishment; instead, it’s the prudent utilization of the funds saved from subsidy removal that will determine the regime’s success or failure.

Furthermore, Atiku suggested that Tinubu ought to offer an apology to former President Goodluck Jonathan for his opposition to fuel subsidy removal back in 2012.

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